Who Cares? feedback

14th September 2017

who caresWHO CARES? is a Hampshire-wide initiative where churches and our Foodbank have worked together to listen to the needs of local people and offer compassion and hope.  Here at the Foodbank we have participated in this survey and asked our clients ‘What hurts the most?’

11,798 responses were received throughout Hampshire, of which 199 were responses from Foodbank clients.   The largest areas of hurt for our clients were Challenges to Emotional Wellbeing, Financial Issues and Family Issues.

Local churches are looking at ways to respond to some of these key hurts and the Foodbank is hoping to be able to signpost clients to initiatives that might offer further support. This may be done through activities that are running already or new activities. To find out what churches are doing near you, please keep looking at the Who Cares? Hampshire website:

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