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Christmas Hampers

Get Involved

There are a number of ways you can get involved in the Christmas Hamper Project!

  1. Donating Hamper Items
  2. Donating Hampers
  3. Volunteering at our Hamper Hub


1. Donating Hamper Items

We make three sizes of hampers: small hampers for 1-2 people, medium hampers for 3-4 people and large hampers for 5+ people. We put the same items into every hamper and adjust the quantity to suit the size.  If you wish to donate items, please use the list on this page to buy the items we need and drop them off at our warehouse in Houndmills or any of our usual drop off locations.


To ensure we have time to pack and deliver the hampers before Christmas, please donate your items by the 12th December.  Any items we received after this will still be used by the foodbank, but may be used in our regular food parcels.


2. Donating a Whole Hamper

For more details on donating a whole hamper, including quantities for each size, click here.  We do also include a few extra items that we have surplus of here at HQ, so if you wish to donate a whole hamper make sure you leave it unsealed so we can add the extra bits in!

If you are an organisation or group who plan to donate multiple hampers, please do let us know in advance by contacting Abigail on …. so that we can include your donations when we plan our allocations and deliveries.

Please deliver all hampers to our warehouse in Houndmills

Warehouse Drop Off
63-64 Tempus Business Centre
Kingsclere Road,
RG21 6XG
10.00am – 3.00pm Monday to Friday


3. Volunteering at our Hamper Hub

If you wish to volunteer at our Festival Place Hamper Hub, there are many roles available.  From wrapping, to packing, organising and delivering, there is something for everyone!  To sign up to shifts, please….

Please be aware that we are not able to accommodate children or adults who have not booked onto the session.

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