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General Information

What does Basingstoke Foodbank do?

Basingstoke Foodbank is a local charity that provides emergency food and support to individuals and families experiencing crisis situations in Basingstoke and the surrounding areas.

How does Basingstoke Foodbank operate?

We collect and distribute donated food to those in need through a network of referral agencies. Clients receive a food voucher that can be exchanged for a nutritionally balanced three-day supply of essential food items and household essentials at any of our 7 foodbank centres.

Where are the foodbank centres?

We have centres across Basingstoke and in Tadley.  Please click here to find the address and opening times of our foodbank centres, as well as if parking is available.

How can I stay updated on Basingstoke Foodbank’s activities?

Follow us on Facebook for the latest news and updates. You can also subscribe to our newsletter here.



Getting Help

Who can access Basingstoke Foodbank services?

Anyone in a crisis situation, identified and referred by local agencies, can access our services. This includes individuals and families facing financial issues caused by job loss, benefit delays, sickness, or other emergencies.

How can I access Basingstoke Foodbank?

You can contact a local referral agency (e.g., Citizens Advice) who can issue a food voucher if appropriate.  Further information is available at our Get Help page.

What support services does Basingstoke Foodbank offer, besides food?

In addition to providing food, we aim to link you up with as much help as possible to assist you through your long or short-term financial challenges.  Our volunteers will speak to you about your current difficulties and will point you in the direction of other relevant available support.  A number of these organisations are listed on our Signposting page.

What if I can’t get to the foodbank centre?

If you are unable to get to one of our centres, then you can send someone on your behalf, just let us know they will be coming so we can ensure your food is going to the correct person.  Our foodbank may be able to deliver your food parcel to your home, especially if you have mobility needs or are unwell. Please discuss this with the referring agency.



Your Food Parcel

What’s in a typical food parcel?

A typical food parcel contains a minimum of three days of nutritionally balanced, non-perishable, tinned and dried foods that have been donated by the local community, as well as a selection of fresh fruit, veg, bread and eggs. This includes breakfast cereal, soup, pasta or rice, cooking sauce, baked beans, tinned meat, fish, vegetables, fruit and spaghetti, fruit juice, UHT milk, tea, coffee, dessert, biscuits, spreads and treats. We also provide toiletries, nappies and other extra items when available.

Will the food parcel cater for my whole family?

Yes. Our foodbank will adapt your food parcel according to the number of adults and children indicated on your voucher. They will also endeavour to provide foods that are age appropriate and in suitable quantities for your children.

Can the parcel be adapted to special dietary requirements?

Yes. Our foodbank can usually adapt your food parcel to suit your dietary needs. Just let them know when you arrive. Where possible, we tailor our parcels to meet a range of needs including people with diabetes, gluten intolerance, vegetarians and halal.

I have a baby, can you help with supplies of nappies and baby food?

Yes. Our foodbank usually carries a small stock of nappies and baby foods, which we can add to your parcel.



Donor FAQs

What types of donations are accepted?

We accept non-perishable, in-date, and unopened food items along with toiletries and other household essential items, such as cleaning products.  For our list of most needed items, click here or use the BankTheFood app.

Unfortunately we are not able to accept frozen food, medicines or clothing.

Where can I drop off donations?

Donations can be dropped off at our warehouse between 10am-3pm weekdays.
63-64 Tempus Business Centre
Kingsclere Road
RG21 6XG.

Additionally, we have collection points at various local supermarkets, details can be found here.

Can I organise a food drive or fundraising event for Basingstoke Foodbank?

Absolutely! We encourage and appreciate individuals, groups, and organisations to take the initiative in organising food drives or fundraising events on our behalf.  Feel free to contact us at [email protected] to let us know of any events you are organising.



Referrer FAQs

How does my organisation make a referral to the foodbank?

Our foodbank works with a range of local agencies who meet people at risk of going hungry. Citizens Advice, children’s centres and health visitors are just some of those who can refer people to our foodbank by issuing them with a foodbank voucher. If you think that your organisation could help people by referring them to our foodbank, please get in touch with us to discuss becoming a registered voucher holder.


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